Consultations with Amy Wolf

Tuesdays at East West Bookshop. 12-6pm. 

Reiki Master since 2000

Chakra Healing $60/30 min $100/hr

I have been giving chakra readings and healings for over twenty years. My
chakra healings include removal of attachments, cords, and hooks to
people, ideas, places, and institutions that no longer serve you or
that block access to your own power or well-being. While I send
healing energy into your chakras, I read the blocks in them and tell
you what thought forms, memories and emotions are blocking them. I
also share what undiscovered or neglected gifts are in them which
you might choose to develop.
I go through each chakra individually, from 7 to 1, and address the
concerns with each one, giving special attention to the ones that are
the most blocked.
Chakra readings uncover information about career, relationships, love, family and spirituality. These readings also unravel the cause of these blockages from your past, which gives you the tools you need to move freely forward.

Reiki treatment $80/hr
Traditional Usui Reiki. Over 20 years experience. This is a gentle, hands-on treatment which does not involve manipulating tissue. You will experience relaxation, reduction of pain and stress,
and may find memories or dreams and visions arising. Treats the mind, body, and spirit and addresses the underlying energetics of pain. Good for releasing negative energies, whether your own or of others. This is a clothed treatment.

Amy’s Philosophy on Healing

Everyone can benefit from healing, although the level and urgency of the "need" for it varies between people and over time. I believe that the earth benefits when we allow ourselves to heal. We are less likely to act in addictive ways which are destructive to the environment when we are not trying to mask pain.

I believe that different modalities are appropriate at different times and in each situation, and often there is benefit from using them in combination. Reiki or psychic reading with massage, for example. Therefore, it is useful to me as a healer to have many tools in my kit.

When I do see a condition that I feel will respond best to a technique I don't know, I have an extensive referral network and don't hesitate to refer out. I believe that healing should be accessible to everyone and strive to make this so in my own practice. I also believe that clients bear responsibility for their own healing, and I invite their conscious and active participation in the process.

I believe, as stated above, that as we heal, we walk more lightly on the Earth, and in these times that is crucial. While the well-being of the individual is paramount for me, the well-being of the planet is never far from my mind.

I also believe that each individual must take responsibility for their own healing. I can't force anyone to heal, I can only facilitate and offer suggestions and help some.

Contact Information

Amy Wolf can be reached at (206) 349-9198, or