Consultations with Amanda Moreno

Thursdays at East West Bookshop. 12-6pm. 


Past Life Analysis: $125, 60 minutes

Past Life Analysis & Current Trends: $175, 90 minutes  

Tarot Reading/Ongoing Coaching: $85/hour; $45/half hour; $25/15 minutes



Amanda Moreno is a therapeutic astrologer, soul worker and certified Deep Memory Process® practitioner. Her adventures in these forms of “practical woo” are geared towards helping people to hear the call of their genius and bring it out into the world. Amanda’s hope is that as more people are empowered to transform their consciousness, move through deep grief, and integrate their shadows we’ll be able to create a society that is sustainable and supportive of all life.


Amanda graduated with a master’s degree in 2012. Her focus was on depth psychology, the ways apocalyptic imagery affects the psyche, and how astrology and ritual can be used to help people navigate personal and collective rites of passage or transformational periods. She has been practicing astrology for a decade and has training in shamanic practices, dream work and various somatic modalities. Her goal is to help you shift deeply entrenched patterns and gain perspective while also honoring the realities of the heart and body. For more information about Amanda, visit


Past Life Analysis

Astrology helps us to uncover answers to the question why am I here? Amanda practices Evolutionary Astrology (EA), a kind of karmic astrology that provides tools for working with unconscious dynamics and emotional patterns that have been with you for a very long time.  

In the hour-long analysis, Amanda will use EA to help illuminate your soul’s intentions for this lifetime as well as your deepest wounds and most entrenched patterns. You’ll also receive guidance that can help you to uncover hidden talents and strengths. The goal is to empower you on a path of creative self-actualization. Amanda often uses guided visualization, journaling and dream work to enhance this process.

In the 90 minute analysis, you’ll learn about all of that plus get insight into the current trends and patterns of your life including timelines and ways to work with the energies at play.

Tarot Readings/Ongoing Coaching
In a tarot reading, Amanda uses any of several different decks to help you use your gifts creatively, confront your fears, and gain perspective and insight on specific questions. For returning clients, this session can also include astrological guidance.

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