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Sound Healing Events

October 07-08, 2019 - Monday 10am-6pm & Tuesday 10-4pm - Singing Bowl Healing Course | Silver Level 2 | A 2-Day Intensive - with Suren Shrestha

October 07, 2019 Monday 10-6pm

October 08, 2019 Tuesday 10-4pm


Level II - Himalayan Chakra Singing Bowl Therapy

Prerequisite required: Introduction Level I - Himalayan Chakra Singing Bowl Therapy using One and Two Bowl.

Intensive hands-on Himalayan Chakra Singing Bowl Therapy class for sound & vibrational healing. This class will introduce the sound & vibrational therapy techniques using 7 notes bowls.

Lecture, discussion, and practical part will be the comprehensive outline of this two day intermediate level II class. This class will cover the techniques on relaxation therapy, healing prayer, chakra balancing, and warm water therapy. 

Participants will need to pass a quiz in order to proceed to the next level of class.

(12 Hours)

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