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Online Events

June 14-15, 2020 - Sunday 1-3pm & Monday 5-7pm - Re-Empower Desires To Manifest Envisioning Your Dreams With Sue Rose Minahan And Members Of Talk Cosmos Radio Program

This is an online workshop held via zoom. Registration for this event will close 24 hours prior to the event start time and login credentials will be sent via email at that time also.

Sunday 1-3pm - Part I $35, Sign up for both and pay $60 total!

Navigating Venus Retrograde: Reclaiming Personal Values Join an explorational workshop with the Talk Cosmos Cosmic Collaboration Panel Redefine and reclaim renewed personal values. We navigate your experience during this current Gemini Venus retrograde period. Claim your authentic voice communicating to your deep self the values that truly speak to the desires relevant for you today.

Monday 5-7pm - Part II $35, Sign up for both and pay $60 total!

Summer Solstice-Eclipse-New Moon Vision Manifestation Join an experiential ceremonial workshop with the Talk Cosmos Moonbeam Team: Clear your energetic past, release your unwanted and worn-out patterns. Express personally aligned affirmations for the life you desire and create a vision board. At home: light a candle during the Summer Solstice June 21st to ignite your vision board’s desired manifestations. *All participants provide at time of registration their birth data: Date, Time, City, State, Country. *Workshops include astrology bi-wheel chart, informational handouts, and instructional worksheets.


Talk Cosmos continues its 3rd season on Alternative Talk 1150 each Saturday from 6-7pm and Thursday from 6-7am “Unveiling Astrology’s Archetypes” with conversations connecting intention and meaningfulness to better understand our free will. The 2-part workshop includes Talk Cosmos Astrologer and Host Sue Rose Minahan with monthly Cosmic Collaboration Panel Astrologer, Shannon Hayes and monthly Moonbeam Team Astrologers, Liz Muschett and Sara Stromley, who collectively encompass a myriad of energetic skills. https://talkcosmos.com TALK COSMOS as heard on Alternative Talk radio |Live | stream online | plus Podcast One.


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