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January 15, 2021 – Friday 5-6:30pm Pacific – Blossoms & Bones: Drawing a Life Back Together - with Kim Krans – Webinar

Join celebrated artist and author, Kim Krans, for this special event focused on her new book, Blossoms and Bones.

In the spring of 2019, visionary artist and bestselling author Kim Krans after cancelling her flight back to wellness-obsessed Los Angeles, found her way to an ashram in rural Pennsylvania, where she embarked on illustrating an incredibly raw graphic memoir that chronicles her multilayered search for the truth and recovery from an eating disorder and infertility in the throes of a health-and wellness-obsessed culture, touching on the healing potentials of creativity and spirituality.

A revered artist whose work relies on personal and raw emotion, Krans spent 40 days “drawing the feeling” as a way to realign her relationship to food, addiction, fertility, perfectionism, and the endless messaging of “never enough” echoing throughout our current culture. Her book, BLOSSOMS AND BONES: Drawing a Life Back Together (HarperOne; March 3, 2020; $28.99) is the result of her time in recovery, healing bit by bit through an intricately hand-drawn narration of both her inner and outer worlds. Radical simplification, meditation, community, and creativity brought her through the darkest chapter of her life.

Krans writes of her recovery process, “I could sense the book was going to open up a cultural conversation around addiction, grief, and healing. I saw my art as having a greater impact than it had before. This in itself lifted me up. I was no longer the victim – I was the artist.”  She is available to discuss:

  • The innate role art can play in one’s recovery
  • Addiction and its manifestations, and the road to recovery
  • How creativity and art allow one to rise out of victimhood
  • What’s next: how to recognize the signs and realign one’s relationships with addictions

BLOSSOMS AND BONES is a gift: a raw and beautiful never-before-seen artist’s document that explores what it means to prioritize truth and self-discovery in a world of relentless expectations and distractions. A memoir at its heart, BLOSSOMS AND BONES is a lifeline of light and beauty, a call to embrace our creative power, and a courageous example of realigning with one’s destiny.

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