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October 2019 Events

October 20, 2019 - Sunday 5-7pm - How to Set Yourself Free From Anxiety Using the Law of Attraction and Past Life Healing - with Linda Phelps

Join Linda Phelps, acupuncturist and Brian Weiss-trained past life therapist, to learn how to become free of anxiety forever while manifesting abundance in all areas of your life. 

Linda's unique 4-step Holistic Freedom from Anxiety process has brought incredible results to her students for 4+ years. Her comprehensive technique teaches the real secret to putting the Law of Attraction into action while anxiety becomes a thing of the past.

You'll discover:

~ How past life issues are the real root cause of your anxiety.

~ How to release past life blockages to resolve your anxiety patterns.

~ How to connect with the spiritual realm and your natural spiritual gifts to create the life of your dreams!

Workshop includes a Guided Past Life Regression.

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