November 2017 Events

November 01, 2017 - Wednesday 7-8:30pm - Connecting Deeper with Your Pet - with Vicki Draper

Vicki Draper teaches you natural healing techniques for you and your animals to deepen your bond living with enhanced connection during your time together.

A natural-born animal communicator, Vicki Draper's qualifications as a healer for both people and animals include being a licensed massage practitioner, a certified acupressurist and Reiki Master/Teacher, and training in craniosacral therapy. In this class you will learn simple, proven natural healing techniques to have you and your animals living deeper connection, harmony and love in your lives.

You will learn techniques for yourself such as grounding, breathing and enhancing your heart chakra. Learn how your animal signals to connect with you and how to honor that connection even when you are in the middle of something that cannot wait. You both walk away feeling loved and appreciated. This class is experiential so plan to leave calmer than when you arrive and leave with techniques to practice on your animals when you return home.

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