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March 2020 Events

March 22, 2020 - Sunday 12:30-6:30pm - Become an Oracle Card Reader - with Sharlean Windus

Learn how to strengthen your intuition using oracle cards on yourself and others with Reiki master & intuitive Sharlean Windus.

In this workshop, you will learn how to build your intuition using oracle cards, how to intuitively shop for oracle cards, clear cards of old energies, store cards and how to do perform accurate card readings on yourself and others by developing your clair senses and relationship with your spirit guides. You will learn several card reading layouts including reading your own chakras, communicating with spirit guides, daily guidance readings, forecasting, oracle card communication from a passed on loved ones with a strong focus on energetic interpretation. Students will need to bring one oracle card deck to class.

About Sharlean

I’m Sharlean Windus, and I teach people how to heal themselves by developing their intuition, accessing their higher awareness and making internal connections. The process of healing and awakening can be profound and incredibly life changing. I help you explore the many facets of well-being covering intuitive development, sound healing and guided meditation to affect real change from within. I love coaching and inspiring others to reach their highest potential. It is my passionate belief that energy medicine should resonate with everyone emotionally, intellectually, physically and rationally.


 I’m a Reiki Master teacher, a contributor to natural health publications, and a podcaster.

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