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March 2020 Events

March 18, 2020 - Wednesday 7:30-9pm - Connecting with the Nature Spirits - with Michelle McKinney


Connecting with nature spirits is natural,  as we're an integral part of the natural world.  However, as we've adapted to a modern life, our awareness and ability to use our subtle senses to connect with and work with them has become dull. 

This evening presentation we'll explore who the nature spirits are, and how we can  wake up our senses to feel our connection.  We'll explore how we can  work with this ability to grow better gardens, work with weather, receive healing,  how to listen and communicate with plants, and reawaken our relationship within this extraordinarily  powerful and creative system.  You don't have to head out to the wilderness to connect with nature.  Join us, and rediscover that it's within, and all around you.

Michelle McKinney is deeply passionate about her work whether performing shamanic healings for clients or teaching people the art of shamanic journeying and healing. She is a compassionate healer and teacher, clear communicator, and brings a wealth of experience into her work. Anyone who works with Michelle will leave with many tools to navigate the times we live in.

— Sandra Ingerman, teacher of Shamanism and author of 10 books including "Soul Retrieval" and "Walking in Light"



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