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March 2020 Events

March 06, 2020 - Friday 7-8:30pm - Open Meeting - with Amoda Maa

Open Meeting with Amoda Maa, timeless truth for the contemporary seeker.

Amoda Maa’s teachings offer a timeless truth that is relevant to our modern times, speaking to the contemporary seeker who wants to go to the raw edge where our spirituality meets our humanity. This Open Meeting is an opportunity to meet Amoda Maa and bring your innermost questions. The conversation is always spontaneous, allowing jewels of wisdom to arise naturally in support of the journey of awakening and the deepening into living an awakened life. 

The meeting includes time for Silent Sitting, Discourse, and Inquiry (Q&A) Sessions. You may arrive a little earlier at 6.45pm if you would like a longer silent sitting session.

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