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March 2019 Events

March 29, 2019 - Friday 7-9pm - Marie Kondo Tidying Up Book Group & Discussion on PART 5 - with East West Staff

Join us for a book discussion and study group on Marie Kondo's world wide best seller The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, five Friday nights in March.

Is spring cleaning on your mind? Perhaps you've read Marie Kondo's book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up or watched her show on Netflix. Here at the bookshop we felt the call to create a discussion/support group surrounding her book and teachings. Pre-registration is suggested due to there being a max 15 limit.

Cleaning is challenging! We get it. That's why coming together to share our thoughts and experiences will help each one of us on our cleaning journey. We encourage you all to tackle the 4 step KonMari Method of house cleaning this month! This book club will have 5 meets to align with the 5 sections of Kondo's book:

-March 1: First night. We will be getting familiar with the book, the concept of sparking joy, and other exercises to prepare you for your clean up journey. If you can, have part 1 read before you come. If not, come anyway and be inspired to read. You will be encouraged to tackle the KonMari Method in your home one category each week, but you can start anytime.

-March 8: Be prepared to discuss part 2 of the book. Even if you forget to read it, come anyway and learn through discussion. Our goal this week is to have completed the "clothing" category of tidying for those who waned to participate in the challenge.

-March 15: Same as above but on part 3. Our category challenge to be completed (if desired) this day is "books".

-March 22: Part 4. Category challenge to be completed by today (if desired) is "papers".

-March 29: Part 5 and the last class. Party time! Category to be partially completed by today is "Komono" (miscellaneous), but as its a big category it may take longer to complete

This class is only $5 as a love donation to support East West Bookshop putting on this class for us. It also serves at a place holder to reserve your seat. LIMITED SEATING. Max 15 participants due to the space size.

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