March 2018 Events

March 25, 2018 - Sunday 12:15-5:45pm - Healing Sessions - with Dave Markowitz

Please call East West at
206-523-3726 for information


Learn the true underlying cause of your physical, emotional, or energetic blockage in minutes. DAVE MARKOWITZ will intuit what's really going on and why you've been unable to heal. He'll then guide you through any number of person-specific processes that can release blocks and open the doorway toward better health, more abundance, and deeper connections!

Dave Markowitz is a medical intuitive who has helped thousands on their journey toward wholeness. After years of denying his empathic abilities, his slap-in-the-face moment was when he got drunk without drinking any alcohol. Dave then began attracting clients who'd done lots of spiritual work but hadn't seen improvements using traditional, alternative, or complementary modalities. He was able to intuit that his client's pains and illness weren't their own; that their empathic abilities made them an "energetic sponge." Dave knew he could "squeeze" the "sponge" but also knew that without addressing the underlying causes, all pains and illness would be eventually recreated. He then intuited a 5-step process that helps sensitives: see their gifts as a blessing and not a curse; prevent empathic overwhelm; and also helps them "give back" what isn't theirs. Dave is one of East West Bookshop's most popular speakers and healers, and is visiting us from Portland, Oregon.