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June 2019 Events

June 15, 2019 - Saturday 7-8:30pm - Self-Realization Through A Practice Of Meditation - with Sarada Chiruvolu

"Home at Last" A Journey to Higher Consciousness:

Deepening our Meditation Practice and Moving Forward Confidently!

$15 (includes free signed book)

Sarada will speak about a personal experience she had gone through towards attaining self-realization/enlightenment. She will share her story, stepping stones she took along the way and common myths and misconceptions people have about enlightenment. She has a very pragmatic way of speaking about the subject and does not focus on any one religion.Sarada has been practicing meditation for over 20 years and wrote the Amazon Best Seller, “Home at Last”, which details her journey towards enlightenment/ self-realization and how meditation 

She will speak about what it means to be “home at last,” which is the ultimate purpose of life, and how we all reach our destination eventually. 

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