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January Events

January 10, 2020 - Friday 7-8:30pm - Easily Access the Spiritual Capabilities of the Body - with Elizabeth Wood

Regain your personal sovereignty and spiritual empowerment with world-class seer and quantum anthropologist Elizabeth Wood as she dispels the myths of our true capabilities. 

Join Elizabeth Wood, quantum anthropologist and world-class seer, to develop and strengthen your spiritual abilities no matter what level you are. With a merger of spiritual consciousness and anthropological wisdom, Elizabeth is a wonderful guide into the power of the human form. In this interactive lecture you’ll learn to: 
Finally dispel common myths about the 3rd Eye, Empathy and Intuition. 
Understand exactly how the body discerns using spiritual abilities. 
Discover easy, proven ways to reconnect to your true abilities as a human being.
Regain a level of sovereignty and empowerment for your continued journey as a human!
(More than half of proceeds will be donated to Food Lifeline of Western Washington.)

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