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January Events

January 08, 2020 - Wednesday 7:30-9pm - Korean Shamanic Ceremony: A Participatory Prayer for Healing - with Helena Choi Soholm

Come experience the healing power of spirits in a shamanic ceremony led by Helena Choi Soholm a "Mudang" (a Korean shaman).

Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition practiced by people all around the world. The word "shaman" originates from the Tungus people in Siberia and refers to the spiritual and ceremonial leaders among indigenous cultures worldwide. In today’s society, there is a diversity of shamanic practices due to globalization and modernization.  

Helena will lead a shamanic ceremony based on the traditional practices of Korean shamanism. Korean shamans are called “Mudang,” and they act as the intermediaries between the human world and spirit realms. During her initiation, Helena received multiple spirits. The ceremony will involve audience participation through the creation of prayer candles to be offered on the altar (candles will be provided).  

Ceremony will be followed by a talk and discussion.  


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