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January 2020 Events

January 19, 2020 - Sunday 3-4pm - Stop Burnout Now - Steps & Tips - with Mama Honey

Learn the steps to Stop Burnout Now from author Mama Honey, the Serenity Maven.

Overwhelmed & Unfulfilled? Learn how to Create HAPPINESS & BALANCE. For years Mama Honey the Serenity Maven has been sharing her message of self love and inner child healing with thousands around the globe through intuitive messages and transformative guided meditations. In her book, STOP BURNOUT NOW The Serenity Maven's Guide to Balanced Wellness, she connects deeply with you, guiding you to new perspectives and awareness through steps, tips, and activities for you to create happiness and balance as a Serenity Maven yourself. Come and hear Mama Honey share the steps to create happiness and balance. You’re also invited to join the Workshop to create your own 30 day plan, following talk.

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