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January 2020 Events

January 16, 2020 - Thursday 7-7:45pm - Guided Meditation and Sound Bath with Resting Inversion - with Aimée Jacobson

Experience firsthand the deep relaxation and complete support of resting inversion with InclineRx, the only available rocking incliner on the market.

Very light stretching and breathing exercises will help prepare you for this extended resting inversion that is suitable for most every body. Benefits of the incliner include reduced stress response, improved circulation, better sleep, and enhanced focus. The accompanying guided meditation and sound bath will deepen your experience and help you visualize your intentions for the New Year. If you have ever wished after a yoga class that savasana would last just a little longer, you will love the experience of InclineRx—healing from a new angle. Please wear comfortable clothing.

Main Hall

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