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February 2020 Events

February 23, 2020 - Sunday 5-7pm - Music Illuminates - with Andre Feriante

Andre Feriante presents a three part session based on his TEDx talk called "Music has the power to heal, transform and inspire."

Andre will speak about the relationship between music, stillness, and the dialogue with self. He will talk about the power we have to increase our intuition and self-awareness through deep listening to music. Andre will take the audience on a meditative, multi-cultural, musical journey using several stringed instruments, the Spanish guitar, oud, baglama, sitar, charango.

The intention is to bring you to the intersection of silence, self, and collective imagination. Andre will also read and recite original poetry that relates to music, the realms of dream, and our journeys with love and loss. In our quest for more hope, peace and beauty in the world Andre invites you to join him in a place where time stops and music illuminates.

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