February 2019 Events

February 09, 2019 - Saturday 10am-2:30pm - The Art of Spiritual Memoir - with Phil Cousineau

The Art of Spiritual Memoir with Phil Cousineau is a one-day workshop designed to help provide exercises and practices for those who wish to record in poetry or prose the trajectory of their own spiritual journey.

Where did we come from? What are we? Where are we going?”
— Paul Gauguin
While memoir is regarded as the written record of the experiences of one’s life, spiritual memoir focuses on the articulation of one’s inward life, the journey of one’s spirit or soul. This workshop will give an overview of this venerable tradition, from writers ranging from Saint Augustine to Rumi, and Anne Lamott, Annie Dillard, and James Baldwin. To augment these discussions, we will offer a series of exercises and practices to help you to record, in either poetry or prose, the trajectory of your own inquiry into life’s most profound questions. Please bring a journal to help you begin or continue a well-crafted, deeply felt work that will give dignity to your personal search for meaning.

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