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December 09, 2017 - Saturday 12-5:30pm - “The New Paradigms of Earth” - with Lee Carroll & KRYON

Please call East West at
206-523-3726 for information

This is an off-site event at Seattle Unity, 200 8th Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

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Up Close Seminar and TWO Live Channellings
with Lee Carroll & KRYON

Lee’s seminars are in a constant state of evolution with new information being added all the time. So each time Lee returns to your area, he brings new information, more insights and deeper truths as Kryon reveals them. Over the past two decades, Kryon has given a great deal of profound insight about so many things! The profundity of the past information is still there, and amazingly current in this new energy. However, the news since 2012 is really new, and spans many subjects. This seminar is filled with “the best of Kryon,” or from Lee’s standpoint, the most profound and current information from both past and present… and the future!

A summary such as this has never been given before. The subjects are still relevant, helpful and fascinating with varied topics like…

New information about DNA
What is your reality?
The secrets to creating good synchronicity
New paradigms for the Old Soul
If you have never been to a Kryon event before, get ready to meet Lee Carroll. He’s the original Kryon channel who enthusiastically presents profound information and research based on Kryon’s teachings. In his fast-paced lectures, Lee charmingly anchors Kryon’s new information with humor, personal insights, and stories. And of course, you’ll experience TWO live Kryon channellings!