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December 05, 2018 - Wednesday 7:30-9:00pm - A Dream Traveler's Tales from the Multiverse - with Robert Moss

Robert Moss, author of the new book Mysterious Realities, shares his adventures in synchronicity, time travel, life among the dead, and parallel realities.

Dreams have been called the “royal road to the unconscious,” but to bestselling author and world-renowned dream explorer Robert Moss, they are more: portals to the imaginal realm, a higher reality that exists at the intersection of time and eternity. In his new book Mysterious Realities, Moss takes you on journeys where you encounter goddesses and daimons, uncanny animals, doppelgängers from parallel worlds, and spirits of the dead (both famous and obscure). These adventures - by turns terrifying, beautiful and wildly funny - remind us that dreaming us not just about what happens in sleep but about awakening to deeper realities. This can happen in the midst of everyday life, in special moments of synchronicity when you know, in your shivers, that greater powers are in play..

You’ll confirm that the doors to the Otherworld open from wherever you are. You’ll see what it means to live on a mythic edge and to make a deal with your personal Death for a life extension.. At any moment, you may fall, like the author, into the lap of a goddess or the jaws of an archetype.

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