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December 2019 Events

December 21, 2019 - Saturday 12-4pm - Create Your Own Clay Bowl: Offerings of Birth for the Coming Year - with Karen Danielson

On this day, we will celebrate the Winter Solstice through creation, imagery,  movement, contemplation and joy! We will welcome the return of the sun, celebrate the creatures and plants of Winter and enjoy foods of the season. 
We will create and sculpt spiral bowls made of clay that represent our inner journey, spiraling from the center, welcoming the light as a new year is birthed.  You may ask yourself ; Where am I in my journey? What are my intentions and dreams thus far? 
What do I support and what am I releasing? What are my offerings to the world? How do I feel about my relationship with the Earth and how do I see it growing? This clay bowl represents your life, continual rebirth and it's offerings. 
Through expressive art, one moves closer to the soul, it's layers.  I look forward to celebrating with you!
Ample supplies provided! 

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