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December 2019 Events

December 04, 2019 - Wednesday 7:30-9pm - Constellations for Guidance and Divination - with Michelle McKinney

In this evening presentation, we'll explore ways to access our body's ability to know and receive information that our mind may not be able to, as a tool for guidance and divination.  When we don't have enough information, too much information, or we are too invested in the outcome, our mind can go in circles, our intuition shuts down, and our gut instinct can be hard to sense. 

Using what are referred to as "structural constellations" and other body based ways of knowing, you'll learn tools that will give you greater access the well of information in the Knowing Field.  Our body always knows! 

About Michelle

I am a full-time healing and intuitive arts practitioner and teacher, living and working in Seattle. Over the last 30 years, my spiritual and intuitive skills have helped people get past road blocks, and back into the flow of life self-empowered, with clarity, confidence, inner-peace, and strength.  The primary tools I use are shamanic healing, and family and systemic constellations.


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