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April 2020 Events

April 05, 2020 - Sunday 5:30-7pm - An Evening of Classical Raga with Sarod, Sitar, & Tabla - with Bruce Hamm Joanna Mack and Anil Prasad

An Evening of Classical Raga with Sarod, Sitar and Tabla

Bruce Hamm on Sarod

Sarod artist Bruce Hamm is a long time disciple of the revered Ustad
Ali Akbar Khan.  Known for his passionate interpretation of his Guru's
teachings, Bruce performs regularly throughout the USA and India. He
has performed with some of India's leading tabla players, and had the
honor of playing onstage with his Guru. He resides in the California
Bay Area where he is a popular and respected teacher carrying on the
tradition of the Maihar Gharana.

Joanna Mack on Sitar

Joanna Mack began her study of Indian Classical sitar in 1997. She
spent 8 years in Kolkata studying under Pandit Deepak Choudhury. She
then returned to the US and has had the honor to study under Ustad Ali
Akbar Khan, Sarodia Bruce Hamm and Sangeet Research Academy Guru
Partha Chatterjee. She has been teaching and performing since 2006.

Anil Prasad on Tabla

Anil Prasad grew up as a child prodigy on drums due in part to the
influence of his famous mother who was a highly-respected sitarist and
gifted singer. He eventually settled on the tabla, a two-piece drum
that is favored for presenting Indian music of all styles. He refined
his classical training under the great tabla master Zakir Hussain and
has become one of the most-sought after Indian drummers in the Seattle
area for classical and fusion music, both on stage and in the studio.

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