April 2019 Events

April 19, 2019 - Friday 7-9pm - The Art of Showing Up Workshop - with HeatherAsh Amara

In this two-hour workshop, HeatherAsh will give you practical tools for coming back home to yourself and the art of showing up in your own life.

To build stronger and more loving relationships with others, the starting point is always your relationship with yourself. It’s time to undo the inner structures that keep you trapped in relationships that don’t work and instead build a strong foundation where all your relationships can blossom from. Learn how to move you from a life of constant conditional love to one of big freedom and unconditional love where you are invited to reclaim your joy, playfulness, and forgiveness. All are welcome.

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Free Group Meditations: Sunday Morning Meditation: 9-10 am, every week Open Meditation, Wednesday Evenings, 7-7:45pm Learn to Meditate Condensed Workshop: Saturdays (as listed below), 10:30am-1pm. $25 Jan 19, 2019 Feb 9, 2019 Mar 16, 2019 Apr 13, 2019 Yoga: Monday Evenings, 5:45-7pm Wednesday Evenings, 5