Distance Healing with Reiki, crystals and tuning forks

Reiki is about eliminating negative energy and receiving a surge of good clear energy with or without touch, in person or from a distance. I also use crystals and tuning forks per the client’s preference. They have wonderful vibrational qualities that can really help go deep into the body.

Once I state my intentions and who shall receive the healing session, I can send the Reiki to the intended person. I have also had clients asking me to do distant healing for somebody else who was in need. The person does not even have to know when I will send it or that I am sending it all. ( great for those who have never even heard of Reiki) It helps me when a client tells me what they want me to work on, but it can be general Reiki. The good energy will go where it is needed in the intended receiver. In order to use crystals and tuning forks when I do Distance Reiki I use a teddy bear as the intended recipient. This way I can place the crystals on the chakras. I use the tuning forks on the bear as well so I put the fork on the precise area intended.

I have also done Reiki over the phone. I ask my client to put me on speaker phone and to get comfortable on the bed, couch or in a comfy chair. I will usually say what I am doing and let my voice guide them so there is not an awkward silence, or just let the meditational music play softly in the background if they prefer. I use my breath to help guide their breathing and I listen to what they choose to tell me about what they are experiencing. Some clients prefer not talking at all, either way is fine with me.

I have used both distance methods of healing for many clients with great success. One suffers from migraines and when needed, she asks for a distance session. since our schedules don’t always match, I can send it so it begins when she sleeps or at a specific time she would like. She has contacted me every time to tell me how much it helped her and how much better she feels afterwards. Some prefer the distance healing by phone sessions.

Be it in person or distant healing for yourself or a friend, contact the East West Bookshop to schedule a session with me, or just drop in. You can find me there every second and fourth Sunday a month from 12:00-6:00 PM.

Jeanine Horton
Reiki master/Healer