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  • 9781604074482
  • A Lamp in the Darkness
  • by Jack Kornfield
  • Price: $19.95

Where can we find illumination and support when we most need it? “Inside each of us is an inner light that I call ‘The One Who Knows’,” writes Jack Kornfield.  “Awakening to this wisdom can help us find our way through pain and suffering with courage, grace, and tenderness.” For anyone seeking answers during a time of trial or confusion, he now offers A Lamp in Darkness, a new book-and-CD program filled with spiritual and psychological insights, hope-giving stories, and special guided meditations to navigate life’s inevitable storm.

With deep understanding and compassionate warmth, Jack Kornfield illuminates a safe-and-sane pathway through difficulty, as we explore practices created for times of crisis but applicable and useful throughout our daily lives.

  • Equanimity and Peace – how to hold the sorrows and struggles of our world and our selves in balance while seeing the great peace behind it all.
  • Forgiveness – for releasing the past and breaking down barriers to all that is closed in the heart.
  • Setting Your Highest Intention – a guide for awakening to the shining beauty and potential of the human spirit.

Hard times come to everyone. With A Lamp in the Darkness, we have a trusted guide and friend with whom we can face the road ahead in presence, love, and openness.