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  • 9781591431268
  • Time of the Quickening
  • by Susan B. Martinez, Ph.D.
  • Price: $20.00

Reviewing the cycles of history and prophecies of the future from Nostradamus to Edgar Cayce and Jeane Dixon, The Time of the Quickening reveals that our current “time of troubles” is not the beginning of the Apocalypse or Armageddon but of the embryonic state of a Utopian Age—the “Quickening” of the human race. With a broad survey of teachings throughout history, author Susan B. Martinez demonstrates that the past is the hidden key to the future and uncovers the prophetic numbers of Earth’s cycles—11, 33, 99, and 363—as set forth in the Egyptian Tables of Destiny. She explains how readers can use these tables to make their own predictions then presents her own forecasts in the final chapter, “Are You Ready for 2013?”