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  • 9781590308257
  • Beyond Happiness
  • by Ezra Bayda
  • Price: $21.95

Happiness doesn’t come from making happiness the goal—it comes from being able to appreciate the journey, particularly the present-moment experience of life. In Beyond Happiness: The Zen Way to True Contentment, Zen teacher Ezra Bayda points out that it is the pursuit of happiness that keep us trapped in cycles of dissatisfaction. He says there is a deeper, more lasting state of contentment where we are okay despite the circumstances of our lives or our personal predisposition. While suffering from severe bouts of an immune system disorder, he found a way to experience genuine happiness by applying Zen mindfulness principles. Through meditation, gratitude, and lovingkindness practices, we learn to become aware of when we're caught up in thoughts, emotions, or feelings of entitlement, and become more present, open and alive.