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  • 9781590307328
  • Bridge of Waves
  • by W. A. Mathieu
  • Price: $18.95

Bridge of Waves will show you how to make music a spiritual practice, to understand its value in your life and in the creation of family and community. Why can something so insubstantial as a sequence of fleeting vibrations thrill us, pacify us, or even make us cry? Because, says author W. A. Mathieu, whether itís a cantata or a blues jag, a harmonica solo or a symphony, music always reveals the sacred, making a bridge across the space between us and others, and uniting mind and heart within us. Itís truly a mystical path, and you donít even need to listen that deeply to discover it. Mathieuís lively and delightful essays will lead you to question what music is, how it works, and what itís for.