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  • 9781582702513
  • Your Every Word Has Power
  • by Yvonne Oswald
  • Price: $29.99

Based on her pioneering book, therapist and corporate facilitator Yvonne Oswald, presents Your Every Word Has Power Kit - Change Your Language and Create a New Life in 21 days. Ingeniously devised, this kit is an energetic, hands-on approach to success, containing everything you need to transform your life: a power-packed workbook full of practical tools, quizzes and exercises, as well as three individually focused 21-Day Success Plans; two audio CDs to help you clear procrastination and send you on the path of change with ease and focus, and utilize intentional language and left and right brain hemispheres to powerfully activate your goals; and Action Cards that can be integrated into your Success Plans in many easy and imaginative ways. Seize the moment and begin today!