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  • 9781451607291
  • I'm Over All That
  • by Shirley MacLaine
  • Price: $22.00

In I’m Over All That, a wise, witty, and fearless collection of small observations and big-picture questions, Shirley MacLaine shares with readers all those things that she is over dealing with in life, in love, at home, and in the larger world . . . as well as the things she will never get over, no matter how long she lives. An unabashed truth seeker and free spirit, Shirley looks squarely at a world that can irritate, confuse, and provoke her, but also delight with its beauty, humor, and future promise. Along the way, she recalls stories of some of the true greats she has known—Alfred Hitchcock, Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra, and the two Jacks (Lemmon and Nicholson).

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