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  • 9780738721804
  • The Complete Book of Auras
  • by Richard Webster
  • Price: $16.95

Have you ever wanted to get an immediate picture of someoneís mood, personality, state of health, or true nature? Itís easy to learn to see and sense auras, and this ability will enhance your life and enable you to help others more than ever before. Author Richard Webster saw his first aura when he was ten years old, and has been teaching others how to see and read them for over twenty years.

The Complete Book of Auras includes step-by-step techniques for seeing, feeling, strengthening, and cleansing the aura. You'll discover simple ways to:

  • Clear and balance chakras using crystals and pendulums
  • Recognize signs of illness and heal yourself
  • Protect your aura from psychic attack
  • Give accurate readings for others
  • Read the auras of your pets and treat their ailments.