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  • 9780446505789
  • Throw Out Fifty Things
  • by Gail Blanke
  • Price: $13.99

If you need motivation for Spring Cleaning, then Throw Out Fifty Things, newly out in paperback, is just the book you want! Author and life coach Gail Blanke takes us through each room of the house—and even our mental messes—with useful tips, humorous stories, and a fun scorecard to inspire us to get rid of  “life plaque” buildups.  Have trouble deciding what to throw out? Here’s #1 of Gail’s “Rules of Disengagement”: “If it—the thing, the belief or conviction, the memory, the job, even the person—weighs you down, clogs you up, or just plain makes you feel bad about yourself, throw it out, give it away, sell it, let it go, move on.” And the advice just gets better from there!

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